A semi-regular podcast exploring the will to annihilate shared by certain audacious creatures of anarchist, nihilist, egoist inclinations. To annihilate our selves, as a start, along with every need for truth, coherence, meaning, for a future. This means living excessively, outside the ubiquitous demands for utility, it means squandering my energies only to discover that meaning obtains nonetheless. In this destructive frenzy, I rebuke every effort to define or value my existence as by necessity incomplete and fragmentary. I am inseparable from my world, but not even this totality fully exhausts my singular being, for I remain ineluctably distinct, and indeed take great pleasure in creating the particularity of my contingent self moment by moment. And so it is not a matter of annihilating the self once and for all and having done with it. Rather, our experiments in charting this murky space of ownness takes the shape of a clumsy grasping toward fleeting pockets of something blurry, opaque, but recognizable.

Hot words, isn’t it?                                                                                                                So, what to do with all these ancestors? With all these papas?                                        Illegal joy in the market-place sanctuary! Just ruin them!

So, what to do with all those contemporaries? With all those geniuses?                                  Illegal joy on the heads of shit-heads! Destroy them! Wreck them!

And where does illegal pleasure continue?                                                                            With killing the bosses, from the first to the last.

Not a word but a sword! Not a word but a sword!                                                                  Millions of dead fartists!

Let’s have all fartists come down!

Destroy them!

Reduce all revolutionary bosses to shit!

Ruin contemporary lubricant-artists!

Kill papas!

Extirpate the miserable brood!

Be determined!

Hurrah to illegal pleasure!